Recap of CEPS-FGV Europe Event: Shaping the EU’s Future

Last Friday, CEPS and FGV Europe co-hosted a significant hybrid event in Brussels, focusing on key EU challenges and partnerships.

Addressing Crucial Issues

The event delved into pressing topics such as the EU’s green transition, geopolitical tensions, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Discussions centered on pivotal EU strategies including the de-risking strategy, EU Net-Zero Industry Act, and EU Critical Raw Materials Act.

Brazil-EU Partnership in Focus

Brazil emerged prominently as a crucial partner in the global green energy transition, highlighting collaborative opportunities.

Key Speakers

Speakers included Professor Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, President of FGV, and Dr. Cesar Cunha Campos, Director of FGV Europe. Notable contributions came from experts like Cinzia Alcidi from CEPS, Joaquim Levy of Banco Safra, Romulo S. from FGV Direito Rio, and João Mendes Pereira, Brazilian ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg.

Looking Ahead

This event reaffirms Brazil’s pivotal role in shaping global dynamics. Stay tuned for updates on future events and developments!

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Recap of CEPS-FGV Europe Event: Shaping the EU’s Future
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