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At FGV Europe, we lead the way in technology transfer, foreign investment endeavors, and project finance operations. Our diverse clientele includes government agencies, private companies, research institutions, development banks, and multilateral organizations. What sets us apart is our interdisciplinary approach, seamlessly blending research, policy expertise, and project management. 


Objective: “Support Brazil’s low carbon transition to secure, affordable and clean energy which powers its economic development”.
Objective: Study and sustainable exploitation of agricultural potential in 12 countries in the Tropical Belt, 6 of which are located in Africa: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mozambique, Senegal
Objective: To support, based on international experience, the identification of potential opportunities for Cisco. In this direction, efforts will be made to develop digital acceleration actions focused
Objective: Foster dialogue and share knowledge on opportunities and challenges in the implementation of a sustainable and just transition in Minas Gerais, relying on the knowledge generated


Project Manager | Infrastructure and Green Technologies
Marco works with infrastructure and green technologies for sustainable development.
Project Manager | Sustainability and Urban Development
Marco works with sustainability and urban development.
Project Analyst | Sustainability and Urban Development
Andrea works with sustainable development, territorial governance, and Smart Cities.
Project Manager | Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation
Marcus is currently the Project Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation for the GEF project “Amazon Sustainable Landscapes - ASL (Phase 2).
Project Manager | Agribusiness, Agriculture, Clean Energy, Financial Structuring
Cleber works with financial structuring of projects in the agricultural and industrial sectors in Africa and Latin America.
Project Technical Coordinator | Agriculture and Regional Development
Giuliano works with agriculture and regional development in several countries of African and Latin America.

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Source: 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report

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