Webinar analyzes challenges in building smart cities in Brazil

Despite the need to implement policies aimed at building smart cities in Brazil, there is still a series of inequalities between Brazilian municipalities, particularly in terms of access to and use of technologies. In this context, the webinar aims to discuss and present an overview of access to technology in Brazilian municipalities.

The School of Public Policy and Government (FGV EPPG) will hold a webinar, on October 13th, at 6 pm, on FGV’s Youtube channel, on the challenges in building policies for smart cities in Brazil.

In addition, it is intended to demonstrate the levels of inequalities existing between city halls, to point out the current patterns of provision of information and public services for the population and the paths and challenges to advance in the implementation of smart cities in Brazil.

The speakers will be: Manuella Maia Ribeiro, information analyst and coordinator of the ICT Electronic Government research at the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society (Cetic.br), Department of the Information and Coordination Nucleus of Ponto BR (NIC.br); Cláudio Ricardo Lima, Executive Secretary of Tourism for the Municipality of Fortaleza (SETFOR/PMF) and Erico Przeybilovicz, Associate Researcher at the Center for Public Administration and Government Studies (CEAPG) at FGV EAESP, where he participates and coordinates national and international research projects on smart cities, smart urban governance and the opportunities of market solutions for cities. Moderation will be by Lizandro Lui, professor at FGV EPPG.

Those interested in participating can apply via the  link.


13. October 2021    
GanztägigAll day

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Webinar analyzes challenges in building smart cities in Brazil
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