Agricultural Projects to Increase Food Security in Cameroon

In 2023, Cleber Guarany and Giiuliano Senatore launched a significant initiative to enhance food security in Cameroon. Supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Brazilian Embassy in Yaoundé and the Brazil-Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, the project focuses on the development of agricultural projects aimed at strengthening food security and promoting agricultural development in the country.

Cameroon faces challenges in food security, particularly in rural areas where access to adequate nutrition and sustainable agriculture are crucial. The project aims to address these challenges by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and integrating local communities into the development and implementation processes. Through collaboration with local partners and the promotion of agricultural innovations, the project seeks to improve livelihoods and enhance economic resilience.

Brazil’s commitment and partnership with Cameroon reflect a long-term vision to increase food security, promote sustainable urban development, and strengthen the agricultural sector to enhance resilience to climate and economic changes.

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Agricultural Projects to Increase Food Security in Cameroon
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