Food Security Project Proposal with the BRICS

The project “Food Security Project Proposal with the BRICS” represents a significant initiative led by experts Giuliano Senatore and Cleber Guarany. The project focuses on agrotechnology transfer to South Africa, a collaboration that underscores the close ties between Brazil, South America, and Africa.

Giuliano Senatore and Cleber Guarany have partnered with CIITTAA INTL to embark on this groundbreaking endeavor. The goal is clearly defined: to promote food security in South Africa while strengthening bilateral relations and South-South cooperation. Through the transfer of agricultural technology, innovative solutions are introduced to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure food security in the long term.

This project is not only a strategic partnership but also a symbol of sustainable development and international cooperation. It underscores the importance of food security, economic growth, and social inclusion as pivotal elements for prosperity in South Africa and beyond.

By implementing this project, not only is technological know-how transferred, but local community capacities are also strengthened to operate independently in the long term. This holistic approach not only promotes food security but also sustainable development and resilience to climate change and other global crises.

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Food Security Project Proposal with the BRICS
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