Meeting with Deutsche Bank on Food Security Projects

The meeting with Deutsche Bank on food security projects marks a significant step for FGV Europe, represented by Director Cesar Cunha Campos and project coordinators Cleber Guarany and Giuliano Senatore. On October 19, 2023, during a trip to London by the Director of FGV Europe, a meeting was held to discuss the development of food security projects.

The discussion focused on potential partnerships with Deutsche Bank to support initiatives in multiple African countries such as Cameroon, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Rwanda. These countries face challenges in ensuring food security for their populations and require sustainable solutions through financial support and expertise.

The objective of this meeting was to establish strategic partnerships with Deutsche Bank to advance the implementation of food security projects in Africa. By collaborating with a leading financial institution like Deutsche Bank, FGV Europe aims to develop effective and sustainable programs that contribute to long-term food security in the region.

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Meeting with Deutsche Bank on Food Security Projects
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