Participation in Projects with the RE:WILD Foundation

In 2023, Cleber Guarany and Giiuliano Senatore embarked on a significant initiative in partnership with the RE: WILD Foundation, focusing on the State of Tocantins in Brazil. The collaboration was formalized through a signed agreement aimed at addressing critical issues such as combating forest fires and promoting sustainable practices within the region.

The project’s inception arose from the pressing need to tackle the increasing frequency and severity of forest fires in Tocantins, which pose significant threats to biodiversity, local communities, and the environment. By leveraging expertise and resources from the RE: WILD Foundation, Cleber and Giiuliano aimed to implement effective strategies for fire prevention, management, and restoration of affected areas.

The overarching goal of the initiative is twofold: firstly, to reduce and mitigate the impact of forest fires through proactive measures and innovative approaches; and secondly, to promote sustainable land management practices that enhance ecosystem resilience and biodiversity conservation in Tocantins.

Through collaborative efforts with local stakeholders, governmental bodies, and community engagement, the project seeks to foster long-term solutions that not only safeguard natural habitats but also support the livelihoods of those dependent on the region’s resources.

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Participation in Projects with the RE:WILD Foundation
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