Proposal for Land Fund Project

The “Proposal for Land Fund Project” is a pioneering initiative led by experts Giuliano Senatore and Cleber Guarany. In collaboration with Banco Safra and the Mubadala Fund, this project aims to establish a land fund that facilitates investments in agricultural land and promotes sustainable development in this sector.

Giuliano Senatore and Cleber Guarany have pooled their expertise to drive this ambitious endeavor forward until 2024. Collaboration with leading financial institutions such as Banco Safra and the Mubadala Fund is crucial to ensure the necessary financial resources and expertise for structuring this fund.

This project is more than just a financial investment. It is a key element for sustainable development, aiming to improve people’s livelihoods by promoting responsible and efficient use of agricultural resources. Establishing a land fund not only provides a platform for investments but also an opportunity to promote sustainable agricultural practices and make access to agricultural land more equitable.

The main objective of this project is to structure the land fund in a way that attracts not only short-term investments but also contributes in the long term to improving quality of life and economic development in the affected regions. By promoting financial structuring and sustainable cities, holistic development is sought that considers economic, ecological, and social aspects.

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Proposal for Land Fund Project
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