Proposal for Project with Rio Tinto in Guinea-Conakry

In 2023, Cleber Guarany and Giiuliano Senatore embarked on a significant initiative in Guinea-Bissau in collaboration with Rio Tinto. The project aims to promote the development of training programs, skills transfer, and the establishment of an agricultural hub and technology projects along the Simandou corridor. This corridor stretches from Forecariah to Simandou and holds considerable potential for economic growth through sustainable agriculture and infrastructure projects.

The primary objective of the project is to secure funding for multisectoral initiatives that contribute to the long-term economic development of the region, supported by studies and local stakeholder engagement. Collaboration between Cleber, Giiuliano, and Rio Tinto is intended not only to strengthen infrastructure but also to enhance food security and promote sustainable urban development.

This initiative represents a significant step toward a sustainable future for Guinea-Bissau, leveraging local resources and the region’s potential to unlock economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for its people.

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Proposal for Project with Rio Tinto in Guinea-Conakry
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