Financing Amazon Innovation Systems Oriented to Sustainability

Financing Amazon Innovation Systems Oriented to Sustainability

A neo-Schumpeterian-Hirschmanian-Post-Keynesian approach

We’re happy to introduce our latest research paper, titled “FINANCING AMAZON INNOVATION SYSTEMS ORIENTED TO SUSTAINABILITY: A neo-Schumpeterian-Hirschmanian Post-Keynesian approach.” Authored by Professor Luiz Fernando de Paula and FGV Europe Project Analyst Andrea Raccichini, this paper delves into critical issues surrounding the Amazon rainforest and sustainable development.

The Amazon’s Changing Landscape

Between 1985 and 2021, the Brazilian Amazon biome has undergone significant changes. According to Mapbiomas (2022), the Amazon lost forest cover, and anthropic land use, including cattle ranching, agriculture, mining, and infrastructure, expanded. This has given rise to the alarming “Amazon Forest dieback hypothesis,” predicting savannization due to deforestation and climate change.

Innovation for Sustainability

The paper highlights the pivotal role of innovation in transforming the development paradigms for the Amazon region. It introduces the concept of “Amazon Innovation Systems Oriented to Sustainability” and underscores the importance of strengthening public policies, regulations, research, and financing tools to foster sustainable economic opportunities.

Financing the Just Transition

At the heart of this discussion paper lies a crucial topic: financing the Amazon’s just transition toward sustainability. The authors argue that development banks can play a central role in this transition, complementing market-based financing solutions.

Read the Full Paper

If you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, climate action, and innovative territorial development, this paper is a must-read.

Enjoy the reading of the full report!

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Financing Amazon Innovation Systems Oriented to Sustainability
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