FGV Social Impact Report 2021

FGV Social Impact Report 2021

It is now impossible to achieve cutting-edge scientific and technological development, as well as advancement in the international economy, without a connection to global knowledge production networks.

The pandemic has made it clear that the challenges to be faced by humanity in the coming decades will require decisive multilateral coordination in an extensive and growing set of areas, including the effects of climate change, health, sustainable energy, environmental preservation, economic efficiency, the fight against inequality, trade, security and defense, the ESG agenda, quality of life, politics, management, urban transformation and smart cities, digitalization, business cooperation, agriculture and food security, infrastructure, data regulation and the financial system, among many other fields.

This coordination will underpin some of Brazil’s strategic goals, such as joining the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, implementing a trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, harnessing new possibilities created by the rising economic power of the Pacific and strengthening Brazil’s role in the G-20.

FGV Europe’s contributions to this strategy are presented in several chapters of the report.

Enjoy the reading of the full report!

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FGV Social Impact Report 2021
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