André Coelho

Senior Project Manager

André Coelho is a Senior Project Manager, specialized in solutions related to public and private management with extensive experience in executive consulting of advanced research projects and public policies’ evaluation within FGV’s operational portfolio. He has experience as executive coordinator for several development plans related to the social impacts and sustainability, either in the technical infrastructure or in the context of economic studies and as International Outreach in New York. Specialist in Tourism Impacts, Global Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Agenda 2030. Coordinated technical and operational teams throughout Brazil, including a portfolio of activities in the Amazon region and international projects.

He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy at the Brazilian Federal University Economics Department, Holds a Masters in Public Management from the Brazilian School of Public and private Administration (EBAPE/FGV), Specialization in Global Governance from the German Development Institut (DIE, Bonn), Specialization in Sustainable Governance from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS, Postdam) and undergraduate in History from Fluminense Federal University in Brazil.

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André Coelho
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