Giuliano Senatore

Project Technical Coordinator | Agriculture and Regional Development

Giuliano Senatore joined FGV in 2007 and is currently the technical coordinator and team leader of all FGV´s international projects related to agriculture and regional development, having worked in several countries of the African Continent and Latin America as: Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Zambia, Cape Verde, Malawi, Nigeria, Haiti, Saint Kitts & Nevis, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay and Argentina. Brazilian agronomist engineer with master’s degree in Agronomy (area of concentration agricultural machinery).

Specialized in Project Design and Project Implementation with expertise in Economic and Social Development. Giuliano coordinated the technical development of projects such as the Green Imperative Project in Nigeria, Agriculture Development Master Plan for the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique (ProSAVANA), Mozambican Agricultural Mechanization Program, IDB’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative (SECCI) and others. With experience in all stages of project development and implementation, Giuliano was responsible for the development of training and capacity building programs successfully applied in Mozambique and Paraguay, focusing on the adoption of agricultural and agro-processing technology by small scale farmers.

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Giuliano Senatore
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