Vitor Sawczuk

Project Manager | Financial Structuring, Exports and Imports, Risk assessment

Vitor worked with Export Credit Insurance for 18 years with the main focus to enable financing for Brazilian exports, through credit analyses from imports in the sectors of infrastructure, aviation, capital goods (machinery and equipment), transport (buses and trucks), defence, project financing, as well as, financing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise.

Throughout his career, Vitor has developed several relationships with various Federal Government institutions, such as, Ministry of Finance, Treasury and Planning, Civil House, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), Ministry of Defence, Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), and Bank of Brazil (Banco do Brasil). In addition, Vitor has established close relations with international private banks and Brazil’s main Capital Goods and Services exporters and international importers.

He has experience in the financial area, auditing, accounting, structured operations, exports and imports, treasury and cash flow, and risk assessment in large companies. Vitor is an Economist with a postgraduate degree in Finance.

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Vitor Sawczuk
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