Digital acceleration

Accelerating digital diffusion on a national level to spur sustainable development

Enhancing the speed of digital diffusion to foster sustainable development

The global digital transformation represents a significant trend encompassing emerging technologies and innovations influencing business, shaping public policies and services, and structuring social relations. Consequently, digital acceleration can transform the future competitive strength of socioeconomic systems. FGV Europe works toward crafting new business models and institutional frameworks facilitating the establishment of digital infrastructures for more efficient communities. That involves addressing crucial issues such as socio-digital systems, digital capital, and internet access infrastructure.

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The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce held the event to mark the 200th anniversary of the Brazilian independence.
FGV ECMI will turn out professionals qualified to work in areas related to data science and communication.


A Practical Framework to Foster Investment Opportunities in Multiservice Connectivity Infrastructure to Enable the Deployment of Smart and Sustainable Cities in Brazil.


The Brazilian Think Thank in Europe

FGV Europe has a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, institutions and society and has privileged access to business opportunities, high-level decision-makers, and potential project partners.

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Objective: To support, based on international experience, the identification of potential opportunities for Cisco. In this direction, efforts will be made to develop digital acceleration actions focused

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Digital acceleration
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