Design economic models
to thrive sustainable development

Design economic models to thrive sustainable development

Economic models and tools can support and foster sustainable and innovative solutions for societies. There is a recent and continuous global effort to do that. The European experience is on the innovation frontier proposing new development public policies based on sustainability, and digitalization.

Our effort is to generate knowledge and implement projects in these new economic approaches, focusing on the following key issues: Next Generation EU, Green Deal, German-Brazil economic relations and Brazilian macroeconomic. 

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The mission brings a great opportunity for those who build public policies and develop projects to experience the daily life of the local community, and from this to be able to build projects and actions that truly meet local needs.



The Brazilian Think Thank in Europe

FGV Europe has a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, institutions and society and has privileged access to business opportunities, high-level decision-makers, and potential project partners.

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