Financial structuring

associated with the combination of debt and equity

Innovative financing models, risk mitigation strategies, and stakeholder engagement create a robust foundation, contributing to economic prosperity

We specialize in financial structuring solutions for fundraising in the short and long term worldwide to finance:

  • Working capital for export and import operations;
  • Private projects: Greenfield and Brownfield (Project Finance);
  • Public projects and public-private partnerships (PPP).

We structure customized and competitive financial solutions with international institutions, such as private banks, development banks, multilateral banks, development agencies, ECAs, and private insurance companies in general.  

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The conference gathered more than 260 companies from 40 countries around the world.


The Brazilian Think Thank in Europe​

FGV Europe has a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, institutions and society and has privileged access to business opportunities, high-level decision-makers, and potential project partners.

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Objective: Agricultural technological cooperation, between Brazil and Nigeria, for the development of the largest food production project in the African continent.
Objective: To contribute to the economic and social development of Senegal, promoting investment in sustainable livestock groups, based on existing national development strategies, appropriate Brazilian technological packages and
Objective: Study and sustainable exploitation of agricultural potential in 12 countries in the Tropical Belt, 6 of which are located in Africa: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mozambique, Senegal and Zambia.

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Financial structuring
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