Just transition

Creating resilient societies and diversified
economies towards sustainable development

Resilient societies and diversified economies towards sustainable development

Embracing the transition toward sustainable economies poses a paradox, as it has the potential to create economic and societal imbalances. To mitigate this risk, there is a pressing need to overhaul current socioeconomic structures. This involves identifying new areas of action and facilitating the transformation of traditional structures into more adaptive forms. Managing these economic shifts is crucial to ensuring socioeconomic inclusion and fostering equal opportunities. The overarching goal is to create shared value within a carbon-neutral society.

We aim to generate knowledge and implement projects in specific issues related to the Just Transition concept, such as structural change, economic diversification, innovation for local sustainable development, and promoting environmentally sustainable practices in mining. 

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The conference aimed to increase collaboration capacity within ASL projects and with other partners in order to improve integrated landscape management and ecosystem conservation in the Amazon.


Authored by Professor Luiz Fernando de Paula and FGV Europe Project Analyst Andrea Raccichini, this paper delves into critical issues surrounding the Amazon rainforest and sustainable development.


The Brazilian Think Thank in Europe​

FGV Europe has a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, institutions and society and has privileged access to business opportunities, high-level decision-makers, and potential project partners.

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Objective: Foster dialogue and share knowledge on opportunities and challenges in the implementation of a sustainable and just transition in Minas Gerais, relying on the knowledge generated

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Just transition
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